Team WOD

In 1 min, Person 1: 15 bench press, max rep box jumps 24″

Person 2: 20 air squats, max rep AIR Dyne calories

Person 3: rest

Rotate 4 times at each station then

In one min: Person 1: 10 Renegade rows with DB, max rep Mountain climbers

Person 2: 20 lunges, max rep shoulder taps in handstand

Person 3: rest

Rotate 3 times at each station

In one min: Person 1: 25 sit ups, max rep burpees

Person 2: 10 pull ups, max rep single jump rope

Person 3: rest

Rotate 2 times

In one min: Person 1: 10 cal on rower, max rep jack knife

Person 2: 15 goblet squat with DB, max rep step up on 18″ box with DB

Person 3: rest

Rotate only once.