12 Days of Christmas Card Game:

Partner WOD

  • Movements
    • Clubs: Kettlebell Swings (35lbs./52lbs.)
    • Diamonds: Push Press (45lbs./65lbs.)
    • Hearts: Abmat Sit-Ups
    • Spades: Box Jumps (20″)
  • Each team deck will consist of 14 cards. 3 cards of each of the 4 suites and 2 jokers.
  • Each team will draw a card for each day and perform the “day” number of reps of the suite indicated on the card. This exercise stays the same for that day for the entire workout.
  • One athlete works at a time, however each team can choose how they want to divide the reps.
  • Jokers can be given as “gifts” to another team. The receiving team must perform a combined total of 25 burpees.